The Alchemist Review is Coming Soon!

I know. My blog is inspired by the book and I have yet to write on my impressions. Truth is that I have started a draft post and have been adding to it more and more. I wrote a huge chunk about it today, but it seems as if thoughts are coming in waves, which I actually like. It makes me feel like lessons from the book will never fully leave me. I am constantly being reminded of scenes from the book in my daily life, which fills me with excitement! I like that such positive thoughts are filling my mind throughout the day. It’s a nice change and I plan to run with it!

But, I am even more excited because I have found my wedding vows! I am a hopeful romantic… yes, that’s correct, hopeful, not less, because I have a love to anticipate. I even have another blog devoted to weddings, marriage, and romance. It’s a work in progress, but I have enjoyed developing it. And to further demonstrate my romantic streak, I will gladly confess that I write to my future husband. I have never had a boyfriend, yet alone a date, but I keep a journal of love letters that I write to my future husband. I plan to give it to him on our first night as man and wife. So, now that you get the full picture of my romantic ways, you can appreciate my delight in finding the words that I will say to him on our wedding day. It’s a quote by Paulo Coelho, whose work is truly the most eloquent and richly affecting that I have ever encountered (aside from the Bible, of course – ::smile::). But here it is:

In this world there is always
one person waiting for another,
be it in the middle of a desert
or in the middle of a big city.
And when those two people pass each other
and their eyes meet,
past and future lose all importance,
and the only thing that exists
is that moment and the incredible certainty
that everything under the sun
was written by the same Hand,
the Hand that awakens Love,
and that makes a twin soul for everyone who works,
rests and seeks treasures under the sun.
Without this our human dreams
would make no sense.

– Paulo Coelho, Maktub

I will add to this my own personalized sentiments afterwards, but is that not just the purest of truths and professions? Here is hoping my future husband does not read this blog! 🙂 Be blessed.

P.S. I am reading Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes now, per the suggestion of a friend. It is really good so far! Any suggestions as to which Coelho book I should read next?

  1. Hello!

    I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He’s the first best-selling
    author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

    Have a nice day!


    • duck
    • June 26th, 2008

    Have you read “The Zahir”?

  2. thanks aart! I actually already have paulocoelho’s blog on my blog roll. Isn’t it awesome that he reaches out to his fans like that!

    and no, I haven’t read The Zahir yet. I just finished Eleven Minutes (very good!) last friday, so to date I have only read that and The Alchemist. I just read the description for The Zahir and it sounds really good! I’ll try to start it this week. Thanks for your suggestion!

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