Down with a Case of Ordinary Conservatism

Maybe all of my experiences now are working to make me into a more interesting person later,  just as the past experiences had by my very culturally interesting peers has made them the interesting persons they are today. Late bloomer in cultural savvy? Perhaps… yes, I am quite underdeveloped in that department… so very ordinary. But I can’t help but wonder if in a world where everyone is striving to be different, to find their cultural niche, maybe being ordinary isn’t so ordinary anymore. By their avant-garde, I am made different, abnormal.

Now, in truth, I am not all so ordinary. In fact, my views and disposition are quite atypical to what society has constructed as normative or popular. But I think right now, in my present life moment, I am feeling oh-so-very ordinary. I need something new, something original, something risky to spice me up. I fear I may have been too conservative.

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