Garden Principles IIc – Thinking about the Whole Picture

I think this view of Adam and Eve is not only important for laying the foundation for what roles a husband and wife are to live (Ephesians 5), but equally important for providing us a model of a husband and wife that fail to act out these roles. When their roles were reversed, they entered into spiritual disobedience and all chaos broke loose.

Personally, it really makes a lot of sense to me that God would challenge men and women to adopt roles that are opposite those that were lived by Adam and Eve in the moment of temptation. We only grow closer to the Lord when we are challenged and challenge ourselves. Therefore, living roles opposite those of the Adam and Eve will challenge: 1) men’s temptation to just focus on their work and not counsel (i.e. communicate) with their wives, and 2) women’s temptation to be in control of their husbands and dictate the direction of their relationships. God wants to stretch us and make us stronger in Him, so I would encourage you to resist these gender-specific temptations and instead push into our Lord. Men, strive to be good spiritual examples to your wives; strive to advise and communicate with them. Women, strive to respect and trust your husband’s ability to lead you and your family in the right (Godly) direction. ** (< continue to next post for star explanation)

  1. I am very impressed with your blog. You are very intelligent, gifted, and thoughtful.

    I read your blog entry about your parents’ marriage and how the biggest problem was that your dad did and does not respect your mother. I am probably your mother’s age, and I have Been There and Done That. And I think that bad theology about marriage and husband/wife relationships was a huge contributing factor. After 22 years of marriage, I went through a seismic shift and embraced egalitarianism. I just recently joined Christians for Biblical Equality.

    Here is a link to one of many thought provoking articles there:

    “I Believe in Male Headship”, by Gilbert Bilezikian

    I have now been married 27 years and have learned to walk as the powerful ezer/help MEET God intends. I identify a great deal with Sarai who GOD renamed Sarah (it means RULER, alchemist!). She changes over the course of her relationship with Abraham. Here’s some good reading on that: Katherine Bushnell “God’s Word to Women” Lessons 66-69. Here is a link to Lesson 66

  2. Hi again, Charis!

    I am so blessed to hear that you read my other post! And I am so glad to hear that your marriage is better now! Thanks for both of the article links. When I have the time, I will certainly read through them. But I am interested in hearing more about the views supported by Christians for Biblical Equality. But I am guessing that the articles will tell me more about this, yes?

    Thanks again! God bless you, dearie 🙂

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