I feel…


I finished my last final exam yesterday. Ahh, it felt SO good to be done! It was absolute torture waiting until the end of finals period for my test, when most of my friends had finished earlier. I felt so light and airy afterward! Ah, such a great feeling. And I feel it again now! I finished moving into my room earlier this afternoon and now I am freshly showered and in clean clothes! I was so grateful for that shower! On the real… I was smellin’ bad b/c I didn’t shower last night. So I had all-day/night Friday funk + all-day Saturday funk, which =

Seriously. If I had walked past a baby, I feel certain it would have started crying, looking at me like this:

Mmm mmm mmm…. sorry, baby.

But back to my account of packing/moving out/moving in –> I stayed up most of the night last night packing (only 3.5 hrs sleep… meh!) and then had the drama of moving my stuff out of my room and into the lounge downstairs, only to wait 2 hrs until I would be allowed to move into my next room. But all is settled! And I was in such good spirits throughout it all, despite the sleep deprivation. It really was great. And I’m always saying how out-of-shape I am, but man oh man… I’m thinking I’m being to hard on myself. I was surprised at how quickly I moved everything, twice, and how much stamina I have. I guess those days of running track & field have conditioned my body for endurance. Haha. Mama’s still got it. 🙂

Plans for tonight:

– Sort through the 1 million papers I have accumulated from the semester (while being entertained by Arrested Development <– AWESOME show! Helped me survive packing! So funny! Haha)

– Make room on my computer + external hard drives

– Quiet Time

Upcoming Post: Reflections on Spring Semester/Junior Year 2008-2009


  2. hahahaha!! i love Gob tooo! He is hilarious! He’s SO full of himself, it is ridiculous! lol. Him and the whole “George Michael being in love with Maeby” situation. oh.my.gosh. how repulsively funny. haha. I’m at the end of the first season right now and i’m going to be so sad when there are no more episodes to watch 😦 although, i have heard that they’re making a movie!!! i so hope they do!

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