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Music Monday – “Something in Your Eyes” by David Martin

So I’m still obsessed with The Kooks, but I have a newfound love as well:  David Martin. I absolutely love his song, “Something in Your Eyes.”

The whole song is  a beautiful blend of tender and fervent moments shaped by his breathy voice and a piano accompaniment. The violin also comes in at the bridge. It’s a lovely touch. The a song from his 2007 debut album of the same title, Something in Your Eyes. Supposedly, it is an album about love. As Martin stated, “I’ve done my best to be honest about love on this record. The deepest love I’ve experienced is on the other side of forgiveness. For me, true love is worth whatever it costs. I hope my songs spark a greater love for others.” Well, he definitely sparks something with his title track, I say! 🙂 I haven’t listened to the other songs on the album, but I surely plan to do so! You can download his songs from iTunes or Amazon. Enjoy!