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Me Green German Chocolate Cake

Pineapples for Piña Coladas! (virgin of course) French Polynesia Daydreams!

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Hillsong United – “King of All Days” Lyrics

The title says it all 🙂 Beautiful song of praise. The chorus is especially touching – “I’m found in the arms of Love!” … “I’ll run to Your arms of Love.” Oh God, I don’t ever want to be outside of your arms of Love! There is no other place for me!

“King of All Days”

In Your surrender
As You laid down Your life
You took up a sinner’s cross
And Your life rescued mine

In His redemption
Love and mercy displayed
You lifted my eyes to see
That your truth never fails

Lord of the Heavens
King of all days
Without You my world slips away
Redeemed by Your mercy
Consumed by Your grace
Now I live for You

I’m found in the arms of Love
For Your merely saved my soul
I’ll run to Your arms of Love
Your light’s gonna lead me Home

Glorious Savior
In Your light I am free
The things of this world will fade
Still You are all that I need


(chorus) – 2x

And at Your cross I lay my burdens
At Your feet, where Your love covers
All I’ve done
Now I’ll walk with You, Lord

Now I’ll walk with You, Lord
Now I’ll walk with You, Lord
Now I’ll walk with You, Lord!!!


Toy Story 3!

I am SO happy!!! Toy Story was my favorite movie as a child and I just learned that they’re making a 3rd one! Ah! I remember in the second one, they were moving, so I wonder if they’ll pick up from there, showing Andy and the Toy’s life in their new house. OR, if they’ll fast -forward (I mean… it has been a few years!) and show Andy all grown up. Maybe he’s past the age of playing with toys and the toys now belong to his sister, or are neglected altogether. I don’t know, I’m just excited! It comes out June 18, 2010. Here’s the teaser: