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A Voice from the Grave

It is very bizarre to hear someone’s voice after they have past on. A couple weeks after my dad’s passing, I found an old audio file of a conversation with him that I recorded last summer. Of all things, we were discussing his health. I wanted to record the conversation so that we would have a record of his health history and current health status. If I only knew. I remember listening to it when I first found it. His death was still pretty fresh and I couldn’t help but start crying. I could picture us in the room together, talking, him coughing (something his illness – sarcoidosis – made a persistent accessory to his speech). For some reason, I am drawn to listen to it now. I pulled it up a few days ago and listened to the whole thing – at lest 30 mins of talking. I didn’t cry this time, but was absolutely marveling at the bizarreness of it all. In that moment he was here – breathing, heart beating, synapses transmitting electrochemical signals – and now, he simply is not. Amazing! The future in this physical life is not promised to us, eh? I suppose it really is that simple, even though it feels so much more complex.