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Music Monday: Albertine by Brooke Fraser

For the past month, I have been at a cross-roads, struggling to discern my own desire from God’s and my own fear from the Spirit of wisdom. And my decision has only been compounded by my mom’s fears. As I wrote in a previous post, I have had a tendency to identify with my mother, and because of that, I have to a certain extent struggled to become my own person, to become what I would consider fully independent. But that said, I also don’t want to choose one road due to some subconscious desire to rebel or break free.

Maybe all of this would make better sense if I am more explicit. Haha. So, in early April, I received an email about an opportunity to go to Haiti. Of course, I was absolutely psyched! I immediately emailed one of the directors for  more information on the program, but he never answered me back. After a few more inquiries with no replies, I wrote it of as an impossibility and forgot about it. A month later, I received another email about the program from another school department and this time the directors of the program would be visiting to hold a meeting about the program. After learning more about it, I decided I wanted to go! The program is not related to any of my immediate academic interests (health, health care), but would still give me the opportunity to interact with native Haitians, learn about their experiences living in Haiti, and improve my Haitian Creole (very important!). In fact, I’m hoping that 1) independently continuing on in my Haitian Creole textbooks + 2) 3-weeks of practice with native Haitians will allow me to skip the second level of Haitian Creole and go on to the third! (Here’s hoping.) Besides language, it may also help me further develop a non-profit idea that God gave me a few weeks ago.

So when I don’t think about the potential danger, I am so excited to go. I have been able to bring my mom on-board, but I can tell she is still very concerned. But I just don’t want my fear to limit me. I feel like I am so fearful of… everything, practically! And that is no way to live. Since high school, I have had an immense desire to work abroad with communities in extreme poverty. But over the years, I have seen that goal uprooted by fear. My mom has had angst about this goal and has pushed me to consider staying in the US instead. Her reasons are sound:  “There is so much poverty here. People need help here. Why are you running to another country when people in your own country are in need?” Logically, that makes perfect sense to me. But it doesn’t erase the pang in my heart to do something for those abroad. I feel like I need an experience in order to confirm either God’s calling for me to serve abroad or His intention for me to serve populations in the US. I just don’t want fear to usurp the decision and rob me of clarity.

Last night, I shared some of this with an old friend who I haven’t seen in… at least 2 years! We had a wonderful conversation. And I realized how much I have changed as a person through my conversation with her. I am so much more open and talkative now… but I’ll spare you details on that. Maybe for another post 🙂 But, yes… our conversation was so encouraging. She went to Haiti last year and was able to share about her emotional transition to living/working in the country. It was especially comforting to me that she could relate to my expressed desire to have an experience to call my own, one that would positively challenge me to grow and become independent, and one that would give me clarity on where to go from here (international vs. domestic). After listening, she strongly encouraged me to go and embrace this opportunity. When I push the fear aside, I feel that it is the right thing for me to do and I believe that it will be a positive experience for me.

So what does all of this have to do with Music Monday? Well, last night my friend told me about Brooke Fraser’s solo album, Albertine. You brothers and sisters out there may know Brooke from Hillsong United. She’s the front-woman for the songs “None But Jesus” and “Lord of Lords.” Well her solo album is absolutely beautiful and I have especially fallen in love with the title track, “Albertine.” In 2005, Brooke went to Rwanda to work with World Vision. In her visit to a Rwandan orphanage, she met Albertine, a young girl who was orphaned by the 1993-94 Rwandan genocides. This song is a promise to Albertine and this album is dedicated to her.

This song (especially the chorus) expresses my exact sentiments about engaging work in the international community. After learning about disparity, how can you just sit down and do nothing? And in doing nothing, how is your mind not plagued by the truth and how are you not guilted by your unwillingness to do your part to help?

I have a dear friend at school who seems fascinated by my interest in Haiti. Because I have no direct connection to the country, he cannot understand why I feel compelled to help them. Akin to Brooke’s chorus, because I know the history of injustice the country has experienced and know of the extreme poverty that millions of Haitians live daily, poverty that their parents lived and their parents before them, and poverty that their children will have no choice but to endure… how can I not be responsible to do something? I may not have seen this (yet) with my naked eyes, but isn’t the knowledge that it exists enough to be mobilized to do my part?


I am sitting still
I think of Angelique
Her mother’s voice over me
And the bullets in the wall where it fell silent
And on a thousandth hill, I think of Albertine
There in her eyes what I don’t see with my own


Now that I have seen, I am responsible
Faith without deeds is dead
Now that I have held you in my own arms, I cannot let go till you are

I am on a plane across a distant sea
But I carry you in me
and the dust on, the dust on, the dust on, the dust on, the dust on my feet


I will tell the world, I will tell them where I’ve been
I will keep my word
I will tell them Albertine


I am on a stage, a thousand eyes on me
I will tell them, Albertine
I will tell them, Albertine

Tabs“Albertine” @

Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen! (Learn Haitian Creole!)

Zanmi mwen, Sunnie, prale Ayiti lete sa a. Kounyeya, l’ ap aprann kreyòl ayisyen. Mwen konnen ki anpil moun yo vle aprann li, alò m’ vle separe kèk paj yo pou ede nepòt moun yo ki ta renmen aprann kreyòl ayisyen! (Ositou, mwen pè ki mwen pral bliye tout mo yo ke m’ te aprann nan lekòl. Sa a se bon pratike pou mwen.)

My friend, Sunnie, is going to go to Haiti this summer. Right now, she is learning Haitian Creole. I know that a lot of people want to learn it, so I want to share some pages to help any people that would like to learn Haitian Creole! (Also, I’m afraid that I will forget all the words that I learned in school! This is good practice for me.)

Alfabè Kreyòl la (Creole Alphabet) – @

Chif Yo (Numbers) – @

(*typo – 3rd = twazyèm, not twayèm)

Tan (Time) – @

(*typos – It closes at 2:00 = Li fèmen a dezè/ til,until,up to, as far as = jouk, jiska, jiskaske – no “u” included in jiska/jiskaske!)

Koulè Yo (Colors)

(*typo – orange = zoranj)

Demonstratives – @

Pronouns – @

Adverbs – @

Verbs – @ Wiki

Fraz ak Mo Komen Yo (Common Phrases and Words)


More @

Diksyonè Kreyòl Ayisyen – Anglè (Haitian Creole – English Dictionary)

Lòt Resous Yo (Other Resources) (download their Free Haitian Creole software and practice w/ flashcards!)

Apropo Kreyòl Ayisyen a Wiki (About Haitian Creole at Wiki)


Languages on the Web

Mizik Ayisyen – @

Pou pratike tande (To practice listening)

Lè mwen gen plis tan, m’ pral pran plis mo yo isit, tankou mo yo pou moun nan lafanmi, lasante, ak tan. Jiska atò!

When I have more time, I will put more words here, like words for family members, health, and weather. Until then!