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Adorable Post of the Day: Tan Hong Ming in Love

I totally stole this from Sunnie’s page, but it is just the most adorable thing. The purity of children! All they see is love. This just melts my heart!

Although I must say it is hilarious that the reasons he lists for liking her are all superficial. Her earrings, her hair, her pretty face. Hahaha… boys…

Beatbox Battle Wildcard on Youtube = SICK!

For those who don’t understand simple slang, I mean “sick” in a good way. Haha.

For those hip hop lovers out there, you should know that there’s a Beatboxing Battle currently underway on YouTube. The champion wins a wildcard to the WorldWide Championship in Berlin, Germany. If you want to enter yourself, go here:

YouTube BeatBoxing Championship – Wildcard Pick

Or, if you’re like me and can’t spit a beat for anything, then sit back and appreciate the fresh rhythms and mad talent. Here are a few that I’ve liked so far – ALTHOUGH! I must express my disappointment that I have YET to see a female beatboxer on here!! Ladies, where are you?! Man! It makes me want to learn how to beatbox.

Just when I thought I never would, I found a female beatboxer!! … But she’s too young to compete 😦

Barack Obama & Curtis “50¢” Jackson

Very insightful piece on Black masculinity in America.

Tim Wise – White Privilege

I study Black history and culture and just recently learned about this amazing intellectual. Very refreshing to see a white intellectual speak on the role of historical and modern white injustices against Blacks on perpetuating misunderstanding and ignorance.