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Me Green German Chocolate Cake

Pineapples for Piña Coladas! (virgin of course) French Polynesia Daydreams!

Dr. Love Complicated

I feel…


I finished my last final exam yesterday. Ahh, it felt SO good to be done! It was absolute torture waiting until the end of finals period for my test, when most of my friends had finished earlier. I felt so light and airy afterward! Ah, such a great feeling. And I feel it again now! I finished moving into my room earlier this afternoon and now I am freshly showered and in clean clothes! I was so grateful for that shower! On the real… I was smellin’ bad b/c I didn’t shower last night. So I had all-day/night Friday funk + all-day Saturday funk, which =

Seriously. If I had walked past a baby, I feel certain it would have started crying, looking at me like this:

Mmm mmm mmm…. sorry, baby.

But back to my account of packing/moving out/moving in –> I stayed up most of the night last night packing (only 3.5 hrs sleep… meh!) and then had the drama of moving my stuff out of my room and into the lounge downstairs, only to wait 2 hrs until I would be allowed to move into my next room. But all is settled! And I was in such good spirits throughout it all, despite the sleep deprivation. It really was great. And I’m always saying how out-of-shape I am, but man oh man… I’m thinking I’m being to hard on myself. I was surprised at how quickly I moved everything, twice, and how much stamina I have. I guess those days of running track & field have conditioned my body for endurance. Haha. Mama’s still got it. 🙂

Plans for tonight:

– Sort through the 1 million papers I have accumulated from the semester (while being entertained by Arrested Development <– AWESOME show! Helped me survive packing! So funny! Haha)

– Make room on my computer + external hard drives

– Quiet Time

Upcoming Post: Reflections on Spring Semester/Junior Year 2008-2009

Current mood…


“Blame It” Spoof (Totally Sketch)

This YouTube video has only been up for 2 days and already has more than 70,000 views! I can see why because it’s quite clever and so funny!! And the woman really looks like Michelle Obama, especially from the side angles!


Today, do an extra something nice for the planet and those who live in it.

(I say “extra” because we should be thinking about how to care for our planet everyday!)

“It’s Just Like a Mini-Mall!” (+ Lyrics)

Hahaha, a friend just showed me this video and I can’t resist posting it. It is absolutely hilarious! Ellen DeGeneres even thinks so. She featured this local commercial for Flea Market Montgomery on her show. I just can picture her grooving to it! Haha.

It’s really a smart strategy when you think about it. It’s so catchy that you find yourself singing it in your head, or grooving along to the commercial. And it’s so ridiculous that you’re not likely to forget it! Haha. Well done, Sammy Stephens!


Living rooms, bedrooms, dinettes, oh yeah
You can find them
At the market
We talkin’ ’bout Flea Market

It’s just like
It’s just like,
a Mini… Mall

Oh yeah
Come shop, with us
I said Flea Market
It’s just like
It’s just like
a Mini-Mall!

Hey Hey
You heard me
Come Shop

Living rooms, bedrooms, dinettes,
We got it
You need it
You’ll find it
It’s just like, It’s just like
A Mini-Mall

Hey Hey You heard me,
Come shop
I said Flea Market
it’s just like,
it’s just like a mini-mall,
Hey Hey

Living rooms, Bedrooms, Dinettes,
Oh yeah
You can find them,
At the market,
We talkin’ ’bout Flea Market
It’s just like, It’s just like
a Mini… Mall

Hey Hey
Don’t Stop
Let’s make it a dance
Come on now

To the left (to the left)
To the right (to the right)
Let’s do this dance
To the left (to the left)
To the right (to the right)

Let’s make this a dance
Flea Market
It keeps you a jumping

It’s just like, it’s just like
a mini … mall
Check it out now, everybody
Like this now

Hey Hey
Flea Market
It’s just like, it’s just like a mini…mall
Don’t stop, let’s dance
It’s just like, it’s just like a mini-mall

Let’s bring it on down now
Ah yea, i know you’re going to like this
Come on now
– it’s just like-
You know what i’m sayin’
– it’s just like-
You know what i mean
– it’s just like-
You know it
So why don’t you come on and say it
– it’s just like, it’s just like, a mini mall! –
Ah yea, you said it
It’s just like, it’s just like a mini MALL!
Ah yeah
You like this
Come on now
Flea market

New Face!

The Blog has a new face! I’m liking this one. I needed a change. And I think this will make me more excited about visiting the site.

I really do want to be better about writing in here. I have some things that I would like to share. God has been revealing a lot to me lately, and I need to use this outlet to process it all. These include:

Biblical intentions for Men vs. Women (2/26 & 3/24) <- although, i suppose i still have more to write on this… but God is moving me away from these gendered topics

Can we mix? Christian Male-Female Friendships and Implications for Dating (4/14)

– Purpose of Children in a Marriage

– Kingdom Principles for the Body of Christ

– Radical Honesty

– Purging Thoughts about My Parent’s Marriage –> not so much how I’ve been affected… I’ve already done that post… but rather, thoughts on what good things I have learned

– The Father-Daughter Relationship (specifically mine)

– Raising a Strong Christian Man and the Importance of Men in a Woman’s Life (this will touch on my brother and the awesome man he is becoming)

– Overcoming an Inferiority Complex *(esp. for students)

– Gay Marriage and Christianity – The Paradox of Supporting without Supporting

So, those are the immediate things I want to talk about in the future. I figure if I outline it here, then I’ll feel more inclined to keep my word and actually write about  them!

The Belle of the Ball…

I just took this quiz, which I found on happylittlegirl’s blog: Which Disney Girl are You? Turns out that I am Belle of Beauty and the Beast. I think it’s quite fitting, actually. I am very independent and practically live in my head with my own thoughts. Although, I really don’t identify greatly with the part about speaking your mind. That is definitely a trait I have repressed, especially since entering college. I need to embrace that part of myself. I know it is there because I have used it when I feel very strongly about something, but otherwise, I have just been too afraid to tap into it. That stops now.


Quiz results:
You scored as a Belle
Dancing furniture, singing spoons, and a man who needs a serious haircut – sound familiar? Well it should! Belle was a very independent spirit with alot on her mind, much like you are! But in life, there is a needed balance – learn when to speak your mind, and when to hold it back. Sometimes offending someone isn’t the best way to go!
Snow White
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


That is all I can think to ask when I contemplate this image:

Do you get it? Because I don\'t

This was what greeted me when I walked into the unisex, and only, bathroom at work, and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Gents, will you please explain to me how it could be so difficult to flush the toilet? You already have the advantage of being able to stand up while you pee, bypassing the annoying everyday inconvenience of pulling down the pants or hiking up the (layered) skirt of which I am so fond. You’re relieved from struggling to 1) achieve and 2) maintain the careful balance of squatting your lower half over the toilet while keeping the material of your skirt or pants from touching the toilet bowl rim (eeeeeeww!!). Then, tack on the skill of maintaining all of the above while trying to score some toilet paper to finish the deal. I’m willing to forgive a woman if she forgets to flush now and again. But men… come on! Sexist? Sure… but true.