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O.M.G. I just found out that the winner of the YouTube search for the Beatbox Battle World Championship Wildcard is Julia Dales!!! A FEMALE!!!! In my original post about the Wildcard battle on YouTube, I expressed disappointment that I couldn’t find any female competitors. And look at that. A woman won! Haha, that’s funny. Here’s her winning audition video:

I actually don’t think she was the best, though. I really liked Ammar and totally think he should have won. He has original beats, which is so much more creative than spitting beats from mainstream songs. If they wanted someone who replicates songs, then I think they should have picked Daichi. He was definitely better than Julia. But still, congrats, girl. It’s always nice to see women advancing in the world of hip hop.

Beatbox Battle Wildcard on Youtube = SICK!

For those who don’t understand simple slang, I mean “sick” in a good way. Haha.

For those hip hop lovers out there, you should know that there’s a Beatboxing Battle currently underway on YouTube. The champion wins a wildcard to the WorldWide Championship in Berlin, Germany. If you want to enter yourself, go here:

YouTube BeatBoxing Championship – Wildcard Pick

Or, if you’re like me and can’t spit a beat for anything, then sit back and appreciate the fresh rhythms and mad talent. Here are a few that I’ve liked so far – ALTHOUGH! I must express my disappointment that I have YET to see a female beatboxer on here!! Ladies, where are you?! Man! It makes me want to learn how to beatbox.

Just when I thought I never would, I found a female beatboxer!! … But she’s too young to compete 😦