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Leave the Childish Things Behind…

I had a long phone conversation with my mom yesterday. My mom and I have a beautiful relationship. We have a deep friendship with one another, and yet somehow, we’ve managed to maintain the mother-daughter dynamic. I think the secret is that we respect each other in our friendship. We’re both open with each other about our personal lives, but respect the boundaries of our mother-daughter relationship when called for. I don’t know if that’s a good explanation or not, but all I know is that I’m thankful for the friendship I have with my mom. I wish most girls could have such a friendship with their mothers.

I have been open with my mom about my personal self-discovery struggles almost since I first started wavering. So last night, she called me to encourage me. With the relationship we have, she has the privilege of knowing me as much as I know myself (although sometimes I think she knows me better than I even know myself). She knows that I don’t like to impose myself on people, and therefore often opt to be in the background. She told me that I adopt the role of a follower when I am really meant to lead. Listening to her, I knew what she said is true because I’ve felt it within myself. I just haven’t allowed myself to break from the background and step up where I belong. What really stuck out to me last night, though, was when she told me to “leave the childish things behind.” Being in college, I’ve felt the pressure to do just that and I think that this diminished confidence has come from the fear of letting go of the childish things, the things that I’ve known my whole life, to accept responsibility for myself and my actions. That’s been a daunting reality for me these past two years, but now I just feel so immature in my fear to move on. When she said that to me, it was as if something in my mind said to me, “Of course… I just need to let go and move on.” That chapter of my life is over and instead of looking to the future as a dreaded fate, I need to embrace it as an adventure. I’m entering a new and different stage in life

What was most exciting was that I reached the point in The Alchemist where the shepherd changed his outlook on his early misfortunes in Africa, seeing them as experiences from which to learn. They were all part of his life’s adventure. I feel so inspired by this character. Even though he made mistakes and became wholly discouraged, he found a way to rise above. He didn’t let that be the end of his journey. He didn’t let that stop him from achieving his dream. I need to take after his example. Although I have made mistakes in the past, they won’t be the end of me. I can work through them and still realize my dream.

I think I’m going to finish the book today 🙂