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I need to, I will…


New Face!

The Blog has a new face! I’m liking this one. I needed a change. And I think this will make me more excited about visiting the site.

I really do want to be better about writing in here. I have some things that I would like to share. God has been revealing a lot to me lately, and I need to use this outlet to process it all. These include:

Biblical intentions for Men vs. Women (2/26 & 3/24) <- although, i suppose i still have more to write on this… but God is moving me away from these gendered topics

Can we mix? Christian Male-Female Friendships and Implications for Dating (4/14)

– Purpose of Children in a Marriage

– Kingdom Principles for the Body of Christ

– Radical Honesty

– Purging Thoughts about My Parent’s Marriage –> not so much how I’ve been affected… I’ve already done that post… but rather, thoughts on what good things I have learned

– The Father-Daughter Relationship (specifically mine)

– Raising a Strong Christian Man and the Importance of Men in a Woman’s Life (this will touch on my brother and the awesome man he is becoming)

– Overcoming an Inferiority Complex *(esp. for students)

– Gay Marriage and Christianity – The Paradox of Supporting without Supporting

So, those are the immediate things I want to talk about in the future. I figure if I outline it here, then I’ll feel more inclined to keep my word and actually write about  them!

08/08/08 … a new beginning

Today is 08/08/08. Thrice new beginnings! My Christian brethren will understand that, but for those who do not, 8 is the number of new beginnings. So imagine my delight when I wrote the date for today and realized what it was.

Today made me reflect on all of the goodness that has happened during this summer… all of the progress that I have personally made. I have a new beginning. I am so excited about going back to school with a new and improved attitude, with a stronger character, a clearer outlook, more self-awareness, greater confidence, and most importantly, an increased faith in God. I may not have accomplished everything that I wanted to during my time away from home, but I have accomplished this most important aspiration of mine: retrieving and rebuilding my zest for life and God’s promises. What more could I have asked to accomplish in two months?

So, I would like to take this time just to praise God for working in me. For shaping me according to His liking. I am a work in progress and do not wish for His work in me to ever be complete. May I ever be upon the Potter’s wheel.

~ Amen.