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Future Posts (April)

As I described throughout the earlier posts, I plan to continue this “Garden Principles” series and move on to discuss an all favorite topic: LOVE! I have a million notes written down and I just have to sit down and condense it all. But I will be focusing on the differences between 1) how men vs. women show love, and 2) how men vs. women expect to receive love. But warning – don’t expect this post too soon from now.

Also, I am just starting to read the book The Final Quest, by Rick Joyner.

This is my mom’s top recommended book for serious Christians. She recommended that I read it years ago, but I opted not to because I didn’t think I was spiritually mature enough. But I feel spiritually ready now and am so excited for what the Lord will reveal to me through this book. I bought a copy for a friend – which reminds me, I have to mail it out on Thursday (note to self). But I’m hoping we can bless each other as we read it.

So my next post will likely be the love post and will temporarily close out the Garden Principles series. Although there is so much I have learned from the exploring the Garden and so much more left for me to learn, I feel like God is moving me away from meditating on love relationships and onto meditating on how we are to build ourselves (and each other) up as individual members of Christ. For, in strengthening our individual selves, we strengthen and unite the body. And I think it is especially appropriate that I start The Final Quest now, after I have spent the last month studying 1st Corinthians with my Bible study group. It’s awesome how God lines things up, isn’t it? Perfect timing, Lord, as always. 🙂

God Bless you!